“-less” Innovation, More Value

“-less” Innovation, More Value

“Driver-less” car concepts are being challenged not only by category leaders i.e.Mercedes, Ford, Audi; but also with Google as being a technology leader. So, this concept requires integration of complex competencies to create accident free, uninterrupted mobility of connected vehicles. Although driver-less car concept will take more years to penetrate due to infrastructure deficiencies; studies done so far and dedication give us the feeling that, it is the next big thing.

Availability of alternative energy sources and awareness on “green world” trend, challenging the combustion engines that todays cars are using. Electrical cars that have electrical engines with high efficiency are penetrating to industry day by day. Still this vehicles have short distance issue due to battery technologies. Tesla’s Sedans with high powered engines, gives us freedom to think that electrical vehicles should not be only considered as small city cars for economy.

Tires, as the final component of mobility...

Since tires are the key and very final components that creates mobility, TPMS, run flat tires are the products that contributes to “improved mobility” through recent years. Energy efficient tires became a category to deliver improved mileage with “less fuel” consumption. Run Flat tires has stiffer siderwalls to support tire without air pressure. This gives an opportunity of improved mobility to driver within 80kms to find a secure place to replace the damaged tire.

Elimination of “air” from tires will permanently avoid the “blown” tire or air leakage that results in loss of hours to repair. Especially for commercial tires this is an issue. A recent commercialization of a known concept, “air-less tire”, X-Tweel by Michelin, is a disruptive product that challenges the tire industry about future concepts. X-Tweel eliminates the tire design about containing air pressures and avoids failures due to air leakage or tire burst. Mainly, all these developments are targeting to expand the mobility experience of drivers/passengers without any interruption.

Kordsa contributes to tire industry with Twixtra and Monolyx, enhances “-less” innovation concepts

Twixtra is the cord combination of mainly high modulus and high fatigue materials to deliver high performance with “less” amount of materials. Combining two materials with opposite characteristic materials is not a new concept. Having the core competency of designing cords based on customer needs, Kordsa delivers newer cord constructions with optimized parameters. So, any hybrid cord designed by Kordsa, promises the lowest amount of material with maximum performance. So, innovation behind Twixtra is capturing more value with less material consumption. Twixtra hybrid cords could be applied as Cap Ply to improve handling, cornering and uniformity performance of UHP tires under challenging conditions.

When Twixtra is applied in commercial tires, it might function as a carcass to increase production efficiency and reduce number of plies or as belt layer to stabilize tire crown area. Low gauge and/or low weight cords will consume “less” amount of rubber compound while enhancing tire performance at the same time.

Monolyx is the protective tire shield composed of twisted monofilament Nylon 66 cords. Monolyx combines the adhesion and fatigue property of Nylon66 with the “cut resistance” and “bending stiffness” of monofilament cords. Tires that Monolyx applied as belt layer, have improved mobility due to either protection of “steel belts” by better absorption and avoiding corrosion.

These unique properties are served in a single material that enhances the concept of “less material” to be effective on many functions. 4th belt of radial truck tires, rear farm tire belts, aircraft belts, motorcycle tire belts are the main application of Monolyx to create more value with less material consumption.

Innovation is an alternative to our daily life with “less” of something that has lower/no value. Kordsa reinforces the tire industry with new and innovative products to create more value with less material consumption.


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