Yes! We Know Each Other, Even If We Haven’t Met Yet!

Yes! We Know Each Other, Even If We Haven’t Met Yet!

I’m part of your life.
Even if we haven’t met, we spend long hours together.
I accompany you as you try to make it in time to the ballet performance your daughter was so looking forward to.
I am with you as you board the plane on the way home from a meeting.
I am right there as you enjoy the view of the magnificent sea while crossing that colossal bridge.
I am with you As you get into a car,
On a plane trip…

You wonder who I am?

I am a tire reinforcement technology.

I am a cord fabric. I am the skeleton of the tire of a vehicle which holds it together.

I develop technology drawing on the know-how and experience I have gathered in various geographies.

You wonder who I am?

I am a composite technology.

I put my heart and soul into looking for ways to make an aircraft or car lighter and consume less fuel.

I make inventions and work on innovations in composite technologies that will influence global composites market at my R&D center so that the wings of the aircraft bend during turbulence and it gets you home safely.

Sometimes, my engineers who greet the first lights of the day in their laboratory, are seeking to develop the best resin technologies. As I work on improving surface quality and safety for automotive industry, my main focus in aviation is lightness and travel safety.

You wonder who I am?

I am a construction reinforcement technology.

The non-conductivity property of the material I use in my construction reinforcement technologies ensures that electronic passes are read without loss and accurately at toll booths, and railroad switches function 100% efficient and safely.

Unawares to you, I am by your side in your happiest, most exciting and sometimes hardest moments.

Every brand has a story. Kordsa’s story started in Izmit and spread to the whole world, touching people from all cultures. One of our employee has been selected as the best employee in Indonesia for two consecutive years by its Safety Experience Center project, and we are among the best employer brands in Brazil for three years.

Every brand grows around its story. The lives it touches, its area of influence help it survive and thrive. As reinforcers, we hand over this enthusiasm from one generation to the next as we move on. Sometimes we are loud and excited, sometimes slightly timid and quiet… However, we continue on our journey with the same enthusiasm and relentless love for development.

Kordsa, the brand that never sleeps, boasts a long line of reinforcement that stretches from America to Asia-Pacific. As night falls on one of our geographies, in another we greet the first lights of the day. While the geographical conditions specific to each region enrich our experience in reinforcement, we continue on our way cherishing the fact that we are learning from one another.

At the beginning of our story we were “reinforcement material providers”. In time, as we evolved into The Reinforcer, the areas we reinforce started to grow. Our reinforcement areas are growing from vehicles circulating on ground to the one which give us the mobility possibilities on air.

Today the fields where we provide reinforcement solutions have grown horizontally and vertically, ranging from vehicles moving on the ground to shuttles going to space. An enthusiastic team that is looking for ways to reinforce life is here for value-added innovation. Every one of them has a fantastic story.

Should you want to find out more:

We reinforce life…

In line with our mission of reinforcing life, we set out this year to visualize our journey and translate our reinforcement love into images and words.

We wanted to show you around the myriad layers of reinforcing life and to share with you the fascination and joy that we experience during our work.

We wanted to contribute to the happiness. It gives us peace of mind to know that we are part of that little rascal’s laughter when you get back home in the evening.

Now, do you have 60 seconds for us?


About Kordsa

A global player in the tire and construction reinforcement as well as composite technologies markets, Kordsa operates in 5 countries, namely, Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand and the US with its 11 production facilities and a 4,500 reinforcer. Kordsa aims to create sustainable value by offering high value-added innovative reinforcement solutions for its customers, employees, stakeholders and communities with a mission to “Reinforce Life.”

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