Ready, Easy and Friendly Cap Ply for Your New Generation Tires is now on the Road

Ready, Easy and Friendly Cap Ply for Your New Generation Tires is now on the Road

If we ask any of our customers what their dream reinforcement product is, they always ask for the same qualities: ready to use, easy to handle&process and being cost&environmental friendly. In order to meet those expectations, we have developed cap ply material branded as Capmax® with significant benefits to our customer’s daily life.

Thanks to our exclusively developed dipping solution and production technologies, Capmax® can be easily applied at the tire building machines by replacing your existing compound coated cap ply strips. Since there is no need for the calendering and cutting processes, processing costs are cut and capital investment costs are lowered. Tire manufacturers can use excess calender capacity for the production of other components.  As a result of green tackiness which eliminates cap ply compound usage by keeping the adhesion within the required specifications, the total rubber cost can also be reduced significantly. The scrap coming from calendering and cutting process can also be eliminated with the advantage of precisely cut strip according to the customer specifications. Tires with Capmax® can result in less tire weight around 200- 400 gr per tire.

In terms of performance, Capmax® has been evaluated by many customers so far and test results in different aspects have successfully met the requirements. Overall endurance level of tire with Capmax® is same as the reference one. It has been also successful in meeting the same customer’s internal Hi-Speed test limits. Both, Endurance and Hi-Speed test results are higher than min of D.O.T. requirements. In addition to extended Endurance and Hi-Speed test results, Capmax® has been tested in terms of “fatigue” level comparison in long-run drum test by performing same with respect to reference in “fatigue requirements”. Capmax® tire’s dimensional stability tests and measurements are also in equal level with respect to the reference. It also proved its performance on real environment fields by reaching equal mileage performance compare to standard reference tires.

Overall, tires manufactured with Capmax® consume less resource such as energy and raw materials by reducing the carbon footprint of a tire. Because of the fact that engineered chemical dip eliminates rubber usage in cap ply, it contributes to weight reduction of your new generation eco-friendly green tires.



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